Aunty M

Inherent within our teachings, practices, and traditions as Indigenous people is the important value of caring for our communities and the collective responsibility for our children.

Marcia is also known as Aunty M – her belief in giving back to the community, the importance of volunteerism and helping others is reflected in the passion and commitment she demonstrates in her life to care for others and create a sense of community.

Marcia is the founder, organizer, and inspiration behind the following volunteer initiatives:

Annual Gitxsan Picnic (Victoria BC) – hosted in July in past years in the Coast Salish Territory, for all Gitxsan individuals, children, families, and friends.

Fueled By Fry Bread (Victoria BC) – a walk/run team for the TC times colonist 10K walk /run or 1.5 km kids walk.  We each received a customized Fueled By Fry Bread t-shirt and a group breakfast to celebrate afterwards.

100 Indigenous Aunties – this movement is a call to action for Indigenous mothers, aunties, grandmothers, and sisters to find ways to help ..with their neighbour, their neighbourhood, their community and their families…whether you live in a rural community, small town or big city take time to notice a mother, a father, a child, an elder or senior who might need a helping hand, or their spirits lifted.

In Victoria Marcia organizes an annual fundraising drive, part of the 100 Indigenous Aunties, to support families in need, during the holiday seasons

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