Community Development

Marcia works with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to build strong and sustainable community programs and services for Indigenous children, youth and their families.

Marcia’s approach is to empower people and communities and to foster strength, diversity and resilience through cultural revitalization, enhancing existing strengths and building on existing knowledge to create healthy communities.

Identity, culture and language are fundamentally important and foundational for Indigenous Children & Family Development and Community Development

Marcia can support your community or agency with the following services:
  • Program and Service Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research & Analysis
  • Funding Proposals
  • Project Management
  • Community Planning / Strategic Planning

Program & Service Development:  effective, successful, sustainable and culturally responsive programs and services are critically important in this climate of changing the way we provide services for Indigenous children, youth, adults and elders in our communities.

Marcia has extensive experience in development of the following areas of program/service delivery:

  • Early Years / Early Childhood Development programs, centers and policies
  • Community Health programs and services
  • Education programs and policies
  • Social Development programs and policies
  • Youth Programs and services and policies
  • Sport & Recreation Programs and policies
  • Elder & Senior Programs

Program Evaluation:  In today’s day and age, program evaluations are an essential part of service delivery; not only is program evaluation a method of accountability but importantly it gives you insight to how well you are doing or not doing, provides opportunity to learn, grow an improve where needed and continue where you are already doing well.

Marcia can work with your organization to a) evaluate your program, service or initiative and/or b) develop culturally responsive reports, evaluations, indicators and tools to measure the effectiveness and success of your programs and services.