Workshop & Training Brochure

2016 Workshops Now Available for Booking 

Amma Sah!  I am pleased to launch my new brochure for Marcia Dawson Consulting!

Please click the following PDF 2016 Marcia Dawson Consulting Brochure to learn more about the following workshops, training and services:


Reconciliation Series

  • Reconciliation 101 – Understanding the TRC Report and Calls To Action (W,L)
  • Indigenous Perspectives of the TRC Report and Calls to Action (L)
  • Reconciliation in Indigenous Community Engagement: Principles and Best Practices (W)
  • Reconciliation for Indigenous Communities: Implementing the Calls to Action (W)

Cultural Safety

  • 10 Principles of Cultural Safety: from theory to practice (W, L)
  • Working With Indigenous People: Critical Issues in Cultural Safety (W, L)
  • Fostering Cultural Diversity and Cultural Safety in Organizational Development (W, L)
  • Strengthening Cultural Diversity and Cultural Safety in Systems and Policies (W, L)
  • Cultural Safety for Indigenous Communities: We Need It Too!

Community Development

  • Indigenous Women and Girls: Mentorship and Leadership
  • Ancestral Teachings: Achieving Wellness for Indigenous Communities
  • Healthy Relationships: Understanding Domestic Violence
  • Indigenous Approaches to a Healthy Life: Work-Life Balance

Governance and Organizational Development Training

  • Grant Writing 101 – Introduction to Writing Proposals
  • Report Writing: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • Budget Development and Budget Management
  • Governance and Leadership: Incorporating Indigenous Principles and Values
  • Ancestral Values in Change Management for Indigenous Communities

W= Workshop L = Lecture

2014 WORKSHOP Listings include:

o Aboriginal Early Years 101 – In-depth Overview of Aboriginal ECD programs & services in BC

o Indigenous Perspectives of Children’s Development

o Indigenous Children’s Development: Critical Issues in Policy and Legislation

o Daxgyet: Fostering Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety

o Resistance & Resilience: Colonization and its impact on Indigenous Children & Families in BC

o What Do Facebook, Fry Bread and IRS have in Common?

o I Just Want the Violence to Stop: Understanding the Origins and Complexities of Domestic
Violence in Indigenous Populations in BC

o Healthy Relationships: Understanding Domestic Violence

And many more!!! See brochure for workshops and training on Community Development and Community Engagement

If there is other training that you are interested and you don’t see it listed here, please contact me and we can discuss a custom designed workshop for you.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  I am now taking bookings, contact me today to schedule in training for your program, agency or community!

Workshops vary in length and can be customized to meet different audiences for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people – They are designed to create better understanding of Indigenous people in BC, their cultures and emerging issues.  Please contact Marcia Dawson to discuss and obtain more information at 250.813-2572 or

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